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Marcus Melnick, Gun Safety Instructor

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Marcus Melnick

Marcus Melnick, your Firearm Mentor, has 39 years of firearms experience, and 27 years of public safety experience.

Marcus holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and is a Graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command.  His public safety career spans across three Police/Fire Departments, as well as private security.  He has taught on the college and graduate levels and holds numerous certifications, including, but not limited to Illinois State Concealed Carry Instruction, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Range Safety Officer, and National Incident Management System.  He is also a Commander-level member at Front Sight in Nevada.

Marcus is also a court-recognized expert witness.

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Rules of Gun Safety


  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded. 
  • Always have a gun pointed in a safe direction.  There are three:
    • Down
    • Down Range
    • At the dirt bag who is attacking you
  • Always have your finger off of the trigger
  • Know what is beyond your target. 

Strategic Business Partners

CPR and Medical Training with Plan, Prepare, Do.

Providing Leadership, Guidance and Education with the goal of maximizing growth and productivity in the workplace with Prevention Principles for health, Safety, and Security.


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Want to Host a Class?

 Shoot us a message if you have a location for your class.  We travel to offices, homes, and other venues to provide the classroom portion of the training.

The shooting portion will be conducted at a Chicago-Area range.