Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum




Curriculum offered by your FIREARM MENTOR meets the minimum requirements to obtain your concealed carry permit.  The first 12 hours of the Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum resembles an NRA Basic Pistol Course and also covers the law (Illinois Concealed Carry Act, FOID Act, and Gun Control Act of 1968, as well as scenario based training.

The final 4 hours consists of range qualifications. 

What do I need for class?



Our classes are designed for a beginner shooter.  At a minimum, for concealed carry training, you will need to bring:

  • A pullover garment (i.e., a sweatshirt)
  • An open front garment (i.e., a jacket)
  • Paper and Pen to take notes
  • A positive attitude

If you own the following, please bring it to the class:

  • A firearm
  • A holster for the firearm

Do I need to own a firearm before class?


 You do not need to own a firearm or holster to take the class.  If you do not have one, we recommend coming to class without the equipment, learning, and then make a purchase after you receive all of the information. 

Private Lessons


 Private lessons are for individuals or groups, and can be tailored to the individual needs.  Each course is different, but all courses cover basic firearm safety. 

Topics of Private Lessons


  • Semi Automatic Firearms
    Long Guns
    ​Lever Action Rifles
    Bolt Action Rifles
    Semi-Automatic Rifle​

Topics of Firearm Lessons



  • First time shooting
  • Advanced Shooting
  • Personal Protection
  • Firearm Care and Maintenance