Anti-Violence Happenings

July 6, 2023

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We have some exciting news for everyone. We will be publishing our radio topics on a weekly basis.


Radio Show?

Yes, we host a weekly radio show on Sundays at 11 am, streaming on WYML.US, if you want to listen at the time the radio show airs. Every Sunday afternoon, the radio show will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel as a podcast. Please like, subscribe and share, as it really helps the channel.

Upcoming Radio Show on July 9, 2023

We will be airing a series of how Explorer Programs of the Boy Scouts of America sets up leaders. We will be interviewing medical professionals, law enforcement, and CEOs. Our first show in the series will feature Jeff Isaacs (CEO of the Pathway to Adventure Council) and Dr. Kristen Vogt (Explorer Director of the same council).

Last week’s episode was about the John Birch Society, and can be listened to with the link, below.

July Classes

We recently partnered with a new range and gun store. RMG Guns is where we will conduct public class qualifications. To celebrate, for a limited time, the range fee will be included in the cost of the class. Our next classes are:

Two Day Initial Concealed Carry Certification 7/22-7/23/23.

5 Year Recertification 7/23/23

Legal Update

The lawsuits against the State of Illinois and Federal Government are in a state of flux. Things change so fast, that until there is something solid to go on, updates may not exist.

With that said, the FOID and PICA gun cases will come down to a three-judge panel to hear injunctive relief (that means that there would be a stay of the law until it passes through all appeals). We had this temporarily with PICA for about a week, until it was overturned. This placed a LOT of gun owners in jeopardy of violating the law, as the state police system was not set up to catalog banned firearms purchased after 1/11/23.

On the Federal level, the seventh circuit is split between pro gun and anti gunners and is an even 50/50 split.

Whatever the outcome, both sides will appeal if they are on the losing end, until it ultimately goes to the Federal Supreme Court. I have heard as early as next Spring, it will make it to the Supremes, but with experience in the justice system, I believe that is an ambitious and preliminary date. I think it will drag on for years.

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