Many renewal students cannot remember their initial certification instructor or company.  We’re not just trying to deliver a one-time certification class.  We care about our customers’ long-term safety and education, and we give the tools to support continuing education (YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Newsletter) to support that.  We make deep, long-lasting connections.  Once you take a class from us, we have a relationship for life.  Immerse yourself in the world of the #FirearmMentor.

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

In 2014, Illinois began issuing concealed carry permits to qualified individuals who Complete a 16-hour course, approved by the Illinois State Police.

Our training is different.  We will come to you and teach in your home or place of business for classroom training, followed by qualification / range time.


Concealed Carry Curriculum offered by FIREARM MENTOR meets the minimum requirements to obtain your concealed carry permit. The first part of the Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum resembles an NRA Basic Pistol Course. The second part covers statutory law (Illinois Concealed Carry Act, FOID Act, and Gun Control Act of 1968), relevant case law affecting concealed carry, and scenario based discussion.

The third part consists of range qualifications. The order of topics is dynamic and subject to change. Questions may drive discussion of topics earlier than scheduled, moving the topics around different time slots to accommodate student interests.

If you knew the day you would be a victim of a violent crime, you would schedule an appointment with the police.  Until criminals provide advance warning, you’re on your own.  Learn to protect yourself.  Enroll in a firearms self-defense class, today.


Students may opt for a one-on-one class.  Contact us for details and pricing

Private Classes

We will come to your place of business or home and deliver the concealed carry curriculum to private groups.  Contact us to arrange for a class.

If a date is reserved for a private class, but the participant doesn’t respond 7 days prior to the reserved date, the class will be considered cancelled.  We can always schedule future dates.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for individuals or groups, and can be tailored to the individual needs. Each course is different, but all courses cover basic firearm safety.

Firearm Lesson Experience Levels

  • First time shooting
  • Advanced Shooting
  • Personal Protection
  • Firearm Care and Maintenance

*If you cannot make the regularly scheduled range time for this or a following class, listed below, there is an additional $30 charge. You have the option of taking this class and qualifying in a subsequent month for no additional charge.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required.

Class fees are non-refundable. If you are denied a concealed carry permit by the state, miss class, or do not complete the training, refunds are not given-similar to if you buy a ticket to a sporting event and miss the event.