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Secret Service Agent Morris Ehrenberg.  He served during World War I.

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes


In 2014, Illinois began issuing concealed carry permits to qualified individuals who participate a 16-hour course, approved by the Illinois State Police.

Our training is different.  We will come to you and teach in your home or place of business for 12 hours of classroom training.  4 hours of range time will be scheduled on an individual or group basis.

Upcoming Classes

Due to the Covid-19 virus, all concealed carry classes have been cancelled.

When:  TBD

Concealed Carry Course:    $200 ($125 for military veterans with a DD214)

Where:  Buffalo Grove, IL

Prerequisites:  Students must have a FOID Card, and be 21 years old.  To apply for a FOID card, click here.


When:  The first 2 hours will begin on TBD, 2020, from 1 - 3 pm, and is located in Buffalo Grove.  With permission from the instructor, students can attend the full concealed carry class, as a refresher.  Rates vary.  Range time will be scheduled on an individual basis.  


Concealed Carry Course:  $200

Concealed Carry Course for Military with DD214:  $125

Concealed Carry Renewal Course:    $85.00

Where:  Buffalo Grove, IL

Prerequisites:  Students must have an Illinois Concealed Carry License, and be 21 years old. 
To enroll, contact Marcus Melnick at, or (224) 588-2489.

*If you cannot make the regularly scheduled range time for this or a following class, listed below, there is an additional $30 charge.  You have the option of taking this class, and qualifying in a subsequent month for no additional charge.



Announcing a new class!  In August 2020, Firearm Mentor is hosting a new class with our strategic partner, Plan Prepare Do.  The course will be a combined CPR and Trauma First Aid class, and will be located in Lake Bluff.  Our instructor, Paramedic, Fire Prevention and Physical Security Consultant, Joe Friedman will teach us and certify us in CPR and how to treat a potentially life threatening injury on and off the range.

We will learn how to pack wounds, use tourniquets, apply hemostatic (blood clotting) bandages, etc.

The cost is $200, and includes a trauma kit.  Items will be available to build your kit or purchase additional items at the class.

Pre-registration is required.

Email us at to sign up for class.

The Morris Method


The state compliant training is based upon generations of instruction within our primary trainer's family.

Morris Ehrenberg was a Secret Service Agent during World War I, and participated in investigation of persons accused of being Communists during the "Red Scare."  He passed on his firearms training to his grandson, Larry, who passed on these methods to his son, Marcus, our primary trainer, in 1980.  Since then, Marcus has worked in Law Enforcement and Security, and has added modern safety tactics to the foundation that Agent Ehrenberg laid. 

We call this "The Morris Method."

What Sets Us Apart


Our classes are interactive and participatory.  The primary instructor has taught in various settings with various topics and is an adult education expert.  

Once you take a class from us, we have a relationship for life.  Whether you have a question on firearms, the laws, concealed carry or training, we are just an email away.

And...we return phone calls.  We hear that not all companies don't, once you complete their training.