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October 31, 2023

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Back in Action

The Mid

The Mid ( is a new news service that fairly presents all sides of the issue.  They interviewed me about a month ago.  Check out the segment, here:

The Personal Safety Radio Show

We have another “by week,” thus sunday week on the Personal Safety Show.  A previous episode will play in its stead.

You can catch the show on Sundays at 11 am, streaming at WYML.US or catch episodes on our YouTube Podcast.  Shows are uploaded every Sunday afternoon following the airing on radio.  Please like, subscribe and share, as it really helps the channel.

Next week, we will explore Free State Firearms, their proprietary safety and innovation.

Questions? Contact us via our electronic business card,

November Classes

FULL CCL Class:  November 18-19, 2023

CCL Recertification:  November 19, 2023:

Legal Update

The Assault Weapons registration opened at the beginning of the month.  Thus far, the Illinois State Police registered only 1% compliance.  Other states with similar laws have a less than 20% compliance rate.

Firearms For Sale

From time to time, our students/clients sell firearms that they own.  I have such a situation, where a client is looking to sell her SIG 365.  It maybe has 100 rounds through it, and it has been well maintained (Marcus maintained it).  If interested, please reach out to us and we will facilitate an introduction.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

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