Personal Safety Show Update

September 20, 2023

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The Personal Safety Radio Show

You can catch the show on Sundays at 11 am, streaming at WYML.US or catch episodes on our YouTube Podcast.  Shows are uploaded every Sunday afternoon following the airing on radio.  Please like, subscribe and share, as it really helps the channel.

Next week, we will explore how Wayne Messmer (the National Anthem guy) was shot in the throat, and overcame adversity to return to his singing career.

Questions? Contact us via our electronic business card,

September Classes

We are available for private CCL classes, firearm lessons, and CCL renewals.  If you are interested in a private concealed carry class, please reach out to us at

The State Line Rifle Association is having an NRA Day \ Family Shoot on 9/23, starting at 8:30.  Ammo and firearms are included and children and family members are welcome.

Reach out at for the full flyer (partially posted below).  The facebook link is

September Classes

We do not have any public facing CCL classes in September, due to previously scheduled engagements.  We do have room for private lessons, cleaning sessions, and consultations, so don’t be bashful.

Public classes resume in October.

Initial CCL Class 10/21/23-10/22/2023

CCL Renewal 10/22/2023

Legal Update

The Assault Weapons Ban Lawsuits are in a holding pattern with a ton of hope on both sides.  JB Pritzker hopes that this will become nationwide, while patriots hope the law is struck down.

Firearms For Sale

From time to time, our students/clients sell firearms that they own.  I have such a situation, where a client is looking to sell her SIG 365.  It maybe has 100 rounds through it, and it has been well maintained (Marcus maintained it).  If interested, please reach out to us and we will facilitate an introduction.

Other guns we are aware of are a Girsan MC 14T (pictured below).  Reach out if interested.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Contact us by going to  If you scroll down, you will see the image below.  I highlighted “Save To Contacts,” so people can save our contact info right into their phone.  Let us be your phone a friend.