Armed With Knowledge, a Legal Seminar

April 1, 2022

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Firearm Mentor, in cooperation with U.S. Law Shield is sponsoring a free seminar entitled, “Armed with Knowledge,” which will include topics such as: the Castle Doctrine, the justified use of deadly force, where you can legally carry, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, and much more. Every event has a dedicated question-and-answer segment to ensure attendees are able to get the information they need from a source they can trust. This class will arm you with knowledge to help keep you safe and on the right side of the law.

Topics to discuss:

  • The legalities of the Castle Doctrine;
  • When the use of deadly force is legally justified;
  • Where you can legally carry; and
  • What to expect when law enforcement arrives.

Michael Johnson, a trial attorney for more than 39 years, has tried nearly 200 cases to verdict. If you have U.S. Law Shield and catch a case in Illinois, Michael Johnson would be your attorney.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Michael’s inspiration to become a lawyer came from family connections and the famed Cook County Courthouse. His great uncle, a celebrated prosecutor in Chicago during Mayor Richard Daley’s tenure, helped Michael get a summer internship in the courthouse. The fortuitous opportunity gave Michael a front-row seat to Chicago’s criminal court in action. It was a heyday of notable cases, and as Michael will tell you, “After watching the best and the brightest attorneys in court, I was hooked.” He went on to law school and developed a successful law practice as a defense attorney, representing hundreds of individuals in criminal, employment discrimination, class actions, military tribunals, and civil rights cases. His considerable experience litigating homicide cases includes representing clients in both state and federal court and military court, including defending an Army Sargent charged with Negligent Homicide, gaining an acquittal on all charges in a Court Martial proceeding.

Michael also has extensive experience in appellate work – arguing before the Illinois Supreme Court and other state and federal appellate courts across the country.

Based in Chicago, Michael’s established track record is a tremendous asset to Halunen Law’s Midwest clients. Michael’s litigation and trial experience provide the firm with the depth and expertise to take on the largest and most resourceful corporations in the courtroom. He also serves as the Illinois Independent Program Attorney with U.S. Law Shield, helping explain current laws and advising gun owners on the safe and legal use of firearms. Michael’s work and reputation have garnered recognition from the media and a host of legal organizations, including being selected as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by the National Trial Lawyers.