Be Wary of “Researchers”

April 5, 2023

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Skewed Research

Back in February, I was invited to participate in violence research. The Lake County State’s Attorney hired Harvard University to research the causes of violence and how to respond to it, following the July 4 Highland Park Parade shooting.

As you know, I am considered an expert in violence. When I arrived, I asked one of the researchers how objective the study will be. She answered that aside from personal bias of the researchers the research would be objective. Then, my eyes were opened.

The second researcher was none other than the anti-gun activist that is featured at 1:45 of this video. She is the young woman with a bullhorn and have a subsequent interview. If that is not skewed, I do not know what is. I do not want to mention her name in the blog, because it would show up if she googled herself.

Then the other participants filed in. Other than myself, there were four women, all members of Moms Demand Action. Another skew.

A topic of discussion was recidivism. In other words, offenders get released back into the same environment which is conducive to re-committing crimes.

One of the participants (who was a social worker) told the group that she just wished there was a fenced in gun-free area, with armed guards, where recently released felons can walk through metal detectors, and be separate from their original environment. Oh, boy, did I piss her off. I said, “you just described a concentration camp.” She hit the roof. Everything remained professional, but she was visibly upset.

At the end of the session, I apologized to her. I truly didn’t mean to upset her (but I was right).

Another participant was the woman who was in this video. She is a big time activist, and even wore a Moms Demand Action shirt to the panel.

Needless to say, I had a pit in my stomach for the “non-biased” research. I did ask if the research would be shared, and was told that it was up to the Lake County State’s Attorney to release the report, when completed.

So, look at research with a critical eye. Ensure that there is actually research, and not emotional pontification.

Finally, check out this article on concealed carriers stopping mass shootings.

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