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May 31, 2023

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Thank you for the trust you have placed in me as a firearms trainer and mentor. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and assist you to become more proficient with your weapon(s).

For several years now, I have recommended US LawShield as an affordable means to protect against prosecution or civil litigation in the event you are ever forced to defend yourself or your loved ones, and I still stand behind that recommendation. However, I have recently partnered with a new provider of these services operating as Right to Bear (link below.  Please use the coupon code Melnick to take advantage of lower prices).

 The reason for this change is simple, I take your trust seriously and want to offer the best possible resources and the most affordable solutions for your needs, and while I believe US LawShield is a valuable and trustworthy product, Right to Bear provides the same great protection with several additional benefits at a slightly lower cost ($125 annually).

 Right to Bear base membership includes:

  • 24/7, 365 attorney answered hotline
  • Criminal Defense (no caps, no limits) (Supreme Court Appeals not included with US LawShield)
  • Civil Defense (no caps, no limits)
  • Expert Witness (Not included with US LawShield)
  • Psychological Support (Not included with US LawShield)
  • Gun Confiscation Replacement upon seizure (Not included with US LawShield)

 Optional benefits include:

  • Bail Bond coverage up to $100,000 (US LawShield covers up to $50,000)
  • Multi-state coverage
  • Secondary and Minor child coverage

 I hope you can agree for these reasons and several others, I am partnering with Right to Bear.

Please rest assured, if you would like to remain with US LawShield that is perfectly fine.  It is a good product, but we think Right to Bear is a better value, providing more comprehensive protection to my valued customers.

In fact, I switched my personal coverage to Right to Bear.  I am always available for questions.


Upcoming Classes

Our next Concealed Carry Class is on 6/24-6/25.  Enrollment can be accomplished at

Firearm Mentor on the Radio

Did you know that Firearm Mentor has a radio program?  It is called “The Personal Safety Show,” and airs on Sundays at 11 am on (streaming).
Sunday’s episode features Mitchell Dicker of Celebration Authority, and will discuss Summer Safety.
For an upcoming show, I am seeking people who:
  • were in Explorer Programs as youths, and are now in a successful career. If you were in an explorer program, and would like to be interviewed, please reach out to me.
  • Regular, everyday people, who responded to medical or dangerous situations (non-police/non-fire/non emergency professionals).
If you would like to be interviewed, please reach out to me.  You would have the opportunity to mention your business on the radio, if you have one.  All questions are provided ahead of time, and the show is pre-recorded, meaning I edit out any ums, ahs, you knows, and other vocal fillers, as well as if there are corrections that are necessary or if a guest misspeaks.  It happens all the time (even to me).  I will make you sound awesome.
Miss an episode?  Want to listen to previous episodes?  After every show, it gets uploaded to my YouTube channel.  I created a playlist, here:  (93) The Personal Safety Show – YouTube

Must Read Books is the site where you can order must read books on surviving violence and how to utilize a handgun.