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September 2, 2022

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Changing the Way we Communicate

Julie, Firearm Mentor has adopted a new software, and will be communicating in a slightly different manner.  Previously, we sent out a newsletter.  We are changing to a blog on our website.  We will still send out communications such as this, but readers will be directed to the blog.

Upcoming Events and Classes

Listed below are the upcoming events and classes, with links to register:

Guns Save Life

We have been asked to begin a Lake County (and northern Cook County) Guns Save Life chapter.  This educational organization reports on the laws, changes in the law, and bills that change firearm laws.  Each meeting has a 50/50 and a drawing for a firearm.  Tickets are $5, and in October, the firearm is a sharp Ruger 1911 in 9mm, similar to the photo below.

Cigars, Anyone?

Annually, there is a “little smoke” cigar event for charity.  It is in Villa Park from 6-10 pm on September 17.  The cost is $60 and there is a ton of food and drink (included), door prizes, raffles, and a silent auction.  I donated a gun safe and some firearms accessories.   If interested, let me know and I can put you in contact with the organizer to purchase tickets.

New Project

We are currently working on a second book, which will detail the physiological and psychological reactions to a violent incident.  There are similar books for the military and law enforcement, but nothing for the regular Concealed Carry Protector.

You can contribute to this much needed information through kickstarter:

Any dollar amount helps.