Gunpowder Not Included (Less Lethal and Less Than Lethal Self Defense)

December 21, 2021

While the United States is home to the greatest number of firearms per individual.  There are more guns in the US than there are people.  However, sometimes a less lethal or less than lethal solution is a better option for self defense.  There are hyperlinks throughout this article to direct you to where to buy.

If you are a gun owner, you may envision a scenario where a nefarious bad guy breaks into your home, while you are in it.  You grab your firearm and when the invader doesn’t back down, you pull the trigger and down he goes, eyes closed like in the movies.

That is not always the end of the story.  Many people, after an incident when a firearm is used against an assailant can suffer from severe mental, emotional, and legal repurcussions for months or even years throughout their entire lifetime.  Just look at the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

We understand that guns are not for all people and there are those who want nothing to do with them.  That is OK.  These people still need a way to defend themselves.  There are a myriad of options.

Don’t Neglect Practice

Before we dive into the numerous options available, no matter what you chose, even if it is weaponless defense (martial arts), practice is essential for success.  Without practice, you won’t get better or maintain your current skill set.

I bought my wife pepper spray and an inert unit.  I hung a silhouette target on a tree and had her practice spraying with the inert unit.

Shock and Awe

One popular category of nonlethal weapons include those that use an electric shock to temporarily stun an attacker, allowing you to flee the area before the assailant recovers.  Stun Guns and Tasers both employ this method, but they do so differently.

Stun guns come in a variety of shapes and configuration.  They can be a handheld unit, the size of a cell phone, can be worn as an oversize ring or integrated into a flashlight or striking baton.  A taser is very similar to a handgun design and uses a trigger to “fire” two barbed electrodes from the weapon.

You will come across claims that it discharges 5 million or 50 million volts or more into your attacker.  This may seem impressive but the voltage is not what affects the attacker.  The microcoulombs (which measure charge) is what is important.  High voltage allows the charge to pass more easily but without sufficient charge strength, the voltage is almost meaningless.

Strike Back

Other alternatives to firearms are blunt-force and pressure point centric weapons including our favorite, the Unbreakable Umbrella.  With it, you can pinpoint and strike vital areas.  The umbrella is easy to carry as there is a collapsable version, and people have umbrellas all the time.  Strap it to your backpack and you have an umbrella, not a weapon (at least in the eyes of the public).

Spray Away

Pepper sprays have been employed by people for a long time, but recent improvements make this an even better option than a decade ago.  Pepper spray utilizes capsicum, which is found in a variety of hot peppers through the world.  The greater percentage of capsicum, the more potent the spray.

The irritating and eye burning substance can be delivered in a variety of ways-a spray canister and gun shaped projectors can help increase aim.  There are also projectors what shoot a pepper ball (similar to a paint ball) that release a cloud of fine pepper mist that engulfs the attacker.

Something is Better than Nothing

Your device is only effective if you have it with you.  There are no guarantees in life, but having a device like these on you gives you an advantage over not having one.