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November 15, 2022

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I want to announce (maybe re-announce) that a new chapter of Guns Save Life has been created. We are calling it “Chicagoland Northwest.”

We have had two meetings (our shakedown cruise, if you will), and have straightened out logistical and fundraising issues. We meet monthly, and have a guest speaker every month and drawings for firearms. The group is dedicated to defending the right to defend yourself.

Our next meeting will be on 12/14/22 at the Arlington Heights Golden Corral, 445 E. Palatine Road, Arlington Heights. Each person pays their own food bill, but eating is not a requirement to join us.

You can RSVP at I would love to see you there.

Additional Information

Did you know that we post two firearms tips a week?  Follow our Facebook Page to receive them.

Upcoming Classes

We have one more public facing class this year which will be 11/19-11/20.  December will be devoted to private classes and shooting lessons.  If that is what you prefer, let me know, and we can schedule something.

New Concealed Carry Certification Enrollment Link
Renewal for Concealed Carry Certification Enrollment Link

Anti-Violence Research

I am writing a book on reactions to criminal attack, mass violence, and other stressful events in our lives.  As such, I am seeking to interview people involved in true life or death situations, and would be asking about their physical and mental reactions during such an incident.  I want to be respectful of people’s perspectives and feelings, and would only want to talk to people who would be ok with discussing it.  If this is you, please reach out to me at