Why an advanced firearms class?

January 4, 2022

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(Ongoing training is critical to creating new skills and maintaining current skills)

Regular shooting practice is important to maintaining current skills and muscle memory.  Students should take at least one additional firearms class per year, whether it is a free zoom session, first aid class, or advanced shooting skills.
Firearm Mentor offers a medical aid class every other year (including in 2022, but not yet scheduled).  We are offering an advanced concealed carry class.  When you normally go to the range, you stand in a static booth and shoot at a stationary paper target fully facing you.
The advanced class will teach you defensive shooting (as opposed to marksmanship), with targets that may not face you fully, or are obscured by cover.  We also teach malfunction drills and facing multiple opponents while drawing your live firearm and engaging them.
We have such a class, listed below.  It is truly a fun time.  Class is limited to 12 people.  Please let us know if you have any questions.